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Hi everybody. There is nothing to see here yet because we won’t leave home until Monday & the Prinsendam, our ship, doesn’t sail until 11:00 Wednesday night, January 4. It is our intention to post here intermittently during our South America & Antarctica cruise over the next couple of months, when our schedule and the internet permit. Most of what we post will probably be pictures, but we will tell you something about what we are doing as well.  So, follow us & enjoy the pictures (great art, I am sure).  There should be a button on the right to sign up for email notifications of new postings, and a button at the top to sign up for RSS feeds, so you won’t have to waste time looking for new stuff that isn’t here. Or don’t follow us if you aren’t interested; we won’t be offended. Here is a summary of where we are going:

SA Cruise map

I don’t know when the next post will be, I guess when we have enough pictures to be interesting, which might not be until we reach the Panama Canal in about 2 weeks. Talk to you then. Rick