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Please Stand By; We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties

     It’s been a long time & we don’t want anyone to get the idea we have abandoned this blog or jumped ship or shipwrecked by a cyclone.  We are continuing to sail through the beautiful South Pacific seas, taking lots of pictures & composing blog posts.  Unfortunately, so far the internet connection has been woefully inadequate to upload postings with lots of pictures (which means lots of data).  We can still receive email intermittently (my email works better than Mary’s) & we will still receive by email any comments that are posted on the blog.  But blog postings just haven’t worked.

     We will continue to try and hopefully will eventually be able to start posting actual voyage episodes to the blog.  We don’t know when, but hopefully not too long.  Rest assured that eventually all of the voyage will be posted.  Meanwhile, for all of you currently buried under tons of snow (and particularly the one of you buried under that snow on our front yard), here is a teaser to keep you from changing to another channel.  Those of you who have been here will recognize it; the rest will just have to tune in later to learn where this particular South Seas paradise is.

300b.  Opunohu Bay, Moorea_stitch