Bader Family

More of the Wedding of Carrie Bader & Michael Jarvis (January 19, 2013)

We have more pictures of the wedding now, so here are a few more (I know, it looks like a lot more, but believe me this is a small selection).  They are largely chronological, and looking over these I find that the Jarvis family is unfairly underrepresented.  So, my apologies to them.  I will let the pictures speak for themselves rather than bore you with commentary.  But if you move your mouse over a picture a somewhat informative caption will pop up.

01. Michael's parents 02. Rick & Rob Bader putting flower in lapel

03. Rick & his sister Barbara04. Michael with his best man

05. Rick & Carrie with Sarah06. Rick walking Carrie down the aisle

11. Ceremony

12. First Kiss

20. Bride & Groom with Best Man & Maid of Honor

25. Michael by window23. Carrie by window

26. With bride's parents

31. with both sets of parents

33. Michael's family

34. Carrie's family

40. Carrie & Michael42. Carrie & Rick

44. Mary43. Rick48. Rob Bader

45. Brian Robinson (Carrie's uncle)49. Cutting the cake52. Roxane Murph (Carrie's grandmother)

51. Barbara Bader (Carrie's aunt)Rob Bader

55. Carrie & MaryRobert Bader