Madeira (day 2), Around the Island

  On our second day in Madeira we were on a private bus tour that took us throughout the western portion of this beautiful island.  Madeira really has everything: seashores & fishing villages, cliffs & mountains, flowers rocks & surf.  This was a long (8 hours) tour & we visited a number of places, so this post is going to be mostly made up of pictures (I’m sure you are grateful to hear that).

   First we visited the picturesque fishing village of Camara de Lobos, a favorite vacation spot during the 1950’s of Winston Churchill, who liked to paint the scenery here.  The town was full of beautiful plants & flowers.  I wish I could name all the flowers, but I can’t (as you will see from the captions).

90. Funchal, Madeira Camara de Lobos94. Funchal, Madeira Camara de Lobos

98. Funchal, Madeira Camara de Lobos97. Funchal, Madeira Camara de Lobos

91. Funchal, Madeira Camara de Lobos103. Funchal, Madeira Camara de Lobos

106. Funchal, Madeira Camara de Lobos107. Funchal, Madeira Camara de Lobos

     A little further along the coast we stopped at Cabo Girao, at 580 meters the second highest sea cliffs in the world (our guide thought the highest might be in Taiwan, but wasn’t sure).  There is a glass platform to walk on extending out over the cliff.

112. Funchal, Madeira Cabo Girao (cliff)

113a. Funchal, Madeira 03-24-13 contrast109a. Funchal, Madeira 03-24-13 corrected

114a. Funchal, Madeira 03-24-13 corrected115. Funchal, Madeira Cabo Girao (cliff)Funchal, Madeira from Cabo Girao

     OK, next was Ribeira Brava, a small resort town (village).  They had a lot of construction going on, apparently moving rocks & rubble from the river to the shore, where they are building up the area behind their sea wall, which held off a roaring surf.  There was a lovely little 16th century church, all dressed up for Lent.  Mary bought a t-shirt here with an embroidered bird of paradise on it – less than half the price asked for the same shirt in Funchal.

124. Funchal, Madeira Ribeira Brava127. Funchal, Madeira Ribeira Brava

129a. Funchal, Madeira Ribeira Brava fixed136. Funchal, Madeira Ribeira Brava

134. Funchal, Madeira Ribeira Brava131. Funchal, Madeira Ribeira Brava

  Next we drove way up into the mountains and, after a stop for some photos & to visit a tourist store, we drove across a relatively flat, soggy high plans called Paul da Sierra.  It was really foggy during this part of the trip, so very few pictures (and much sleeping).  I may have mentioned that, in addition to wine, Madeira is known for its fine embroidery.  Not cheap though: we saw an embroidered table cloth in a Funchal window selling for about $9000.00!  And you know that if you bought it someone would spill the wine the first time you used it.  In the mountaintop shop was some nice embroidery selling for hundreds rather than thousands of dollars, but we took a pass anyway.

137. Funchal, Madeira 03-24-13139. Funchal, Madeira Paul da Serra (boggy high plains in mountains)

140. Funchal, Madeira Paul da Serra (boggy high plains in mountains)141a. Funchal, Madeira Paul da Serra (embroidery)

142. Funchal, Madeira Paul da Serra (boggy high plains in mountains)146. Funchal, Madeira Paul da Serra (boggy high plains in mountains)

     We stopped for lunch (marinated tuna for us) in the little village of Porto Moniz on the northwest tip of Madeira, about as far (47 miles) from Funchal as you can go without getting wet.  About 4000 people live there.  We stopped for pictures on the mountainside above the town, but the best views were at the ocean where the surf pounded some fabulous black rocks.  Madeira is a volcanic island (some say it is what is left of the lost continent of Atlantis) & we saw quite a lot of volcanic rock, natural and used to build walls & buildings.  I mentioned that the whole island is heavily terraced for houses and small fields, and you can see below some of the terracing above Porto Moniz with grape vines (not yet green) on some levels.

148. Funchal, Madeira Porto Moniz (lunch stop)

151. Funchal, Madeira Porto Moniz (lunch stop)155a. Funchal, Madeira Porto Moniz (terraced hill)

156a. Funchal, Madeira Porto Moniz (terraced hill)162b. Funchal, Madeira (Rick at Porto Moniz)161. Funchal, Madeira Porto Moniz (lunch stop)159a. Funchal, Madeira Porto Moniz (cactus & rocks)_ShiftN

   You are probably wondering by now how many more stops, but there are just two more.  Seixal is a very small village with a profusion of wildflowers on the hillside, including a whole field of wild lillies.

164a. Funchal, Madeira Sexial view with cliffs

179. Funchal, Madeira Sexial169. Funchal, Madeira Sexial

170a. Funchal, Madeira Sexial (blue flowers cropped)174. Funchal, Madeira Sexial

   And finally, Sao Vicente.  This village was originally at the seashore, but was repeatedly pillaged by pirates.  So in the 16th century they moved the whole village inland about a mile & rebuilt it in a valley behind some cliffs & rocks where it could no longer be seen from the sea.

182. Funchal, Madeira Sao Vicente (16th century house)185a. Funchal, Madeira Sao Vicente (prickly pears in cemetery)181a. Funchal, Madeira Sao Vicente (bird of paradise in cemetery)187a. Funchal, Madeira Sao Vicente (houses on hill)

   And so back to Prinsendam, well in time to make the all aboard deadline of 4:30.  But then the Captain announced that they were about to replace the capstan on one of the engines, a huge piece of metal that could prove dangerous at sea.  So our departure was delayed until 8:00.  And Funchal looked quite beautiful after dark.

192. Funchal, Madeira 03-24-13_stitch

But then departure was delayed until 10:00.  Then about 1:00 in the morning the ship was filled with a loud grinding sound that lasted quite a while, which seems to have been the testing for the work that had been again delayed.  So we didn’t set sail for Agadir until about 2:00 AM, but we still made it to Agadir Morocco on time early Monday morning.  However, that is another story.  I will close this installment with a couple of more towel animals.

224. Funchal, Madeira towel swan88. Funchal, Madeira 03-24-13

4 responses

  1. Janet

    Love the pictures and the beautiful flowers! You guys were cute as well!!!!

    March 29, 2013 at 3:31 pm

  2. Mike Levitt

    We are enjoying the trip, photos and commentary both! I’m not sure where you get the time and patience to narrate this entire journey, but we are grateful. One mystery: why do I never tire of towel animals?

    March 29, 2013 at 4:24 pm

    • I’m glad you are enjoying it. Time is a real problem in producing these postings. Its not writing the postings as much as organizing the pictures. I am already behind, & there are so many shore days in a row coming up (no time for this on long shore days) that I expect to get much further behind. But I will keep plugging away, because it is as important for me as for anyone else to get those pictures organized & labeled before I forget what is in them (it takes a distressingly short time for that to happen). As for towel animals, who knows how the magic works? But as long as you are enjoying them I will continue to put out the photos. Those are way easier to handle than the shore day photos.


      March 31, 2013 at 12:39 pm

  3. Cecile Deaton

    Wow. Madeira is beautiful. It is definitely on my “let’s go there” list. I tried to find the Master and Commander book that took place there, one of the early ones, but I must have lent it to someone. Thanks for the smiling pictures of Mary.

    April 1, 2013 at 12:30 pm

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