At Sea on Amsterdam, Part 1

       We sailed from Ft Lauderdale at about 11:00 PM on January 5, as advertised.  You will see no pictures of that because we were in bed.  Since it was dark out there probably wouldn’t have been any pictures even if we had been on deck.  We had three full sea days before reaching our first port, Puerto Limon in Costa Rica. So we explored the ship, which was new to us, and settled in to life on board.  We have been very impressed with everything about this ship so far – the ambience, the friendly & helpful staff, the management, the really excellent food and much more.  On our last cruise on a different ship much of this was decidedly less satisfactory, so we have come to the conclusion that Holland America (“HAL”) saves its best for the Grand Voyages, its longest cruises.  The difference is quite noticeable.  So welcome aboard!   24. Panama Canal

     Here are some of the ship highlights, beginning with our cabin.  We chose this cabin because of its location, near the center of the ship (more stable in high seas), with an unobstructed window, on Deck 3, the Lower Promenade deck, which is the one with an outside deck going all the way around the ship.  We are right next to a hallway opening onto the deck on both sides of the ship, & a stairway (and elevators, which we rarely use) leading to all the other decks.

30. At Sea on Amsterdam31. At Sea on Amsterdam4. At Sea on Amsterdam

       Deck 8 is the Lido deck, which houses the buffet restaurant, the swimming pool & a large open air aft deck (meaning in the back of the ship for you landlubbers), which is a great place to be when we sail away from ports.  There is a bar & a hamburger grill (the “Dive In”) by the pool, which has a retractable roof so it can be used during bad weather.  With tables & lounge chairs it is a nice place to eat or read.  There is also a stage that sometimes houses entertainment.

10. At Sea on Amsterdam11. At Sea on Amsterdam14. At Sea on Amsterdam32. At Sea on Amsterdam35. At Sea on Amsterdam33. At Sea on Amsterdam

      The “Queen’s Lounge” is the main entertainment state.  In addition to performers, there are lectures here during the day, along with presentations about the places we are visiting & a variety of other activities.  The seating here is more comfortable than on the other Holland America ships we have experienced and it’s decoration is pretty over-the-top, with huge caryatids holding up the wall sconces.  The 5 piece Amsterdam Orchestra accompanies all entertainers, playing very diverse musical styles with little preparation, and they seem to be quite good.  So far we have seen a song & dance show by the resident singers & dancers, a singer with 2 platinum records we had not heard of, & the Finkel family.  The latter put on an excellent show: 93 year old Fyvish Finkel (who you may have seen on Boston Public or Picket Fences) sang & told jokes while the music centered on his virtuoso grey-haired sons Elliott (piano) & Ian (xylophone). 

1. At Sea on Amsterdam6. At Sea on Amsterdam7. At Sea on Amsterdam8. At Sea on Amsterdam9. At Sea on Amsterdam38. At Sea on Amsterdam37. At Sea on Amsterdam

     There is a wide variety of artwork throughout the ship.  Just around the corner from our cabin, next to the stairs, is a 19th century “Bust Of A Roman Woman,” whom we call Livia (if you have seen or read “I Claudius,” you know who we are talking about).  There are a number of paintings of old Holland America ships on the stairway landings, and other works of art too numerous to mention.  So this is just a tiny sample:

3. At Sea on Amsterdam149a. Panama Canal49. Panama Canal56. At Sea on Amsterdam61. At Sea on Amsterdam22. At Sea to Polylnesia46. At Sea to Polylnesia47. At Sea to Polylnesia45. At Sea to Polylnesia

66. At Sea To Polynesia65. At Sea To Polynesia53. At Sea to Polynesia54. At Sea to Polynesia

      Perhaps the most distinctive artwork on the ship, however, is the Planeto Astrolabium,” a fascinating contraption filling the the three story Atrium in the center of the ship.  It doesn’t have a regular clock face, but it has so many other things: an astrolabe on one side (showing the current star positions), a planetarium showing (presumably) the positions of the planets, a mechanical earth & moon orbiting a sun at the top, and a white face with the names of all the world’s major cities that rotates to show the current time in each (at least it does that when it is working, which it isn’t so far on this cruise).  We have seen it chime a few times, when all the gears in the top & in the floor rotate to pull strings that ring a set of bells at the top of the lowest stage of the gizmo.  No one can miss this amazing creation since it is so big & situated where everyone passes by.

54. At Sea on Amsterdam70. At Sea on Amsterdam71. At Sea on Amsterdam29. At Sea on Amsterdam72. At Sea on Amsterdam74. At Sea on Amsterdam

   Well, this episode has already gotten pretty long and there is a lot yet to show you, so I will stop here & continue in a second posting.

6 responses

  1. Judy K.

    Beautiful pictures. I’m glad your blog has finally started.

    January 31, 2016 at 11:08 pm

  2. John Oakes

    We sailed on the Amsterdam to Alaska a few years ago. Your wonderful pictures brought back fine memories of this beautiful ship.

    February 1, 2016 at 9:56 am

  3. Barb

    Enjoy your posts. Have a wonderful time.

    February 1, 2016 at 10:10 am

  4. Patricia

    Wow! What photos. Love seeing the interior shots: they remind me of our many cruises on this beautiful ship.

    Thanks for getting started with the blog: will look forward to more when you have the time. Enjoy this great cruise!!

    February 1, 2016 at 1:57 pm

  5. Judy K.

    I have not seen a blog from you for over 2 weeks. Have you stopped writing or is it my computer?

    April 8, 2016 at 9:20 pm

    • No, I am still writing them, but the internet has been all but dead for some time. I hope to be able to upload some of the postings I have written soon, but if not I will certainly get them all up when I get home in 3 weeks.


      April 9, 2016 at 11:15 am

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