Bali, Indonesia (Day 2)

     Before we get to what we did on February 27, our second day in Bali, the last episode ended with a promise of Balinese dancers.  This was an excellent dance troop, very graceful in executing complicated and subtle dances.  The Gamelan orchestra was really good too.  You might think their music was just cacophony if you did not pay close attention, but it was actually quite beautiful.  The orchestra played a piece and then there were four dances, including a warrior’s dance & a bird dance (can’t remember what the other ones were called).

350. Benoa, Bali, Day 1321. Benoa, Bali, Day 1318. Benoa, Bali, Day 1327. Benoa, Bali, Day 1322a. Benoa, Bali, Day 1331. Benoa, Bali, Day 1330. Benoa, Bali, Day 1340. Benoa, Bali, Day 1347. Benoa, Bali, Day 1344. Benoa, Bali, Day 1333. Benoa, Bali, Day 1352a. Benoa, Bali, Day 1356a. Benoa, Bali, Day 1365. Benoa, Bali, Day 1366. Benoa, Bali, Day 1

     Our second day was to be dedicated to the master craft studios of the Ubud-Mas area.  The local royal family began cultivating artists and artisans in the 1930’s and it became a center for native and foreign artists.  It was not until the 1980’s that it began to grow into the large town (about 30,000) known for its arts that is so attractive to foreign visitors today.  One could easily spend several days exploring Ubud’s palaces, galleries and museums but we didn’t have that kind of time so we opted to spend our time at several art & craft galleries in the area.

    As on the first day, the traffic leaving the port was really bad.  Crossing a bridge we had a glimpse of Mt Agung, the volcano that has erupted a couple of times in the last six months.  Unfortunately, the picture was taken from the back of a bouncing van, so its pretty unclear, but it’s the only one we have.  We also passed people working in their rice fields.  The people of Bali give offerings to the Hindu gods pretty much every day.  Consisting mostly of fruit and flowers, often in a small tray that is sometimes placed in a small shrine, you see these everywhere.  Our driver was no exception.

115. Benoa, Bali, Day 2101. Benoa, Bali, Day 1100. Benoa, Bali, Day 12. Benoa, Bali, Day 2

     Our first stop was at a textile gallery.  Most of these galleries had people working on the products as well as a showroom for purchases.  The textile place specializes in batik.  There are three techniques, in order of increasing difficulty (and price): printing on the fabric, hand stamping patterns of color, and using dye and wax to create the entire colored pattern by hand.

3. Benoa, Bali, Day 24. Benoa, Bali, Day 24a. Benoa, Bali, Day 26. Benoa, Bali, Day 27a. Benoa, Bali, Day 2IMG_33269. Benoa, Bali, Day 210. Benoa, Bali, Day 211. Benoa, Bali, Day 212. Benoa, Bali, Day 2IMG_3327

A weaver was also working outside the shop.  Most of the workers we saw were outside the galleries; cooler presumably, and also good advertising.

14. Benoa, Bali, Day 217. Benoa, Bali, Day 220. Benoa, Bali, Day 221. Benoa, Bali, Day 2

     Next we visited a silver studio and gallery called Yan Yan.  We really have no idea where in the Ubud area each of these galleries was; it often seemed to take quite a bit of driving to get from one to the other.  We did not walk the streets of Ubud, but just drove to various galleries.  All were interesting though, both to see the craftsmen at work and their finished wares. 

31. Benoa, Bali, Day 227. Benoa, Bali, Day 228. Benoa, Bali, Day 229. Benoa, Bali, Day 2

     Inside, the showroom was extensive including several rooms of jewelry and unusual sculpture.

35. Benoa, Bali, Day 240. Benoa, Bali, Day 233. Benoa, Bali, Day 232. Benoa, Bali, Day 2

     In the courtyard out front was a statue of Ganesh, the elephant headed Hindu god.  There were some lovely flowers as well.  Across the street was a house that must belong to a wealthy person.

46. Benoa, Bali, Day 241. Benoa, Bali, Day 242. Benoa, Bali, Day 230. Benoa, Bali, Day 222a. Benoa, Bali, Day 2_stitch

     After Yan Yan, Gede took us to visit what he described as a typical Balinese house.  It was more of a compound of one room buildings than a house, surrounded by a wall.  It seems doubtful that poor Balinese can afford digs like this, so this must be a typical middle class house.  Daytime activity apparently takes place outdoors where it is a little cooler, with sleeping indoors. We were given some of the impossibly thinly sliced pancakes, which were quite good.

52. Benoa, Bali, Day 251. Benoa, Bali, Day 253. Benoa, Bali, Day 2IMG_336068. Benoa, Bali, Day 280. Benoa, Bali, Day 255. Benoa, Bali, Day 258. Benoa, Bali, Day 2

In the back of the compound was an area set aside for shrines.  But that didn’t mean there weren’t offering trays elsewhere.

66. Benoa, Bali, Day 269. Benoa, Bali, Day 267. Benoa, Bali, Day 270. Benoa, Bali, Day 274. Benoa, Bali, Day 276. Benoa, Bali, Day 279. Benoa, Bali, Day 281. Benoa, Bali, Day 2

     Many colorful flowers decorated the family compound.

54. Benoa, Bali, Day 272. Benoa, Bali, Day 278. Benoa, Bali, Day 273. Benoa, Bali, Day 275. Benoa, Bali, Day 282. Benoa, Bali, Day 263. Benoa, Bali, Day 2

     Several chickens were penned into small woven baskets and a rooster was strutting around near them. A porcupine was nearby.  In front of the street gate of the compound sat a stone guard looking very cool with a red flower above each of his ears.  I guess he was wishing us a friendly goodbye.

57. Benoa, Bali, Day 261. Benoa, Bali, Day 264. Benoa, Bali, Day 2IMG_333777. Benoa, Bali, Day 265. Benoa, Bali, Day 2

     After this we visited a wood carving shop.  This may have been the most interesting one of all, chock full of fantastic carvings.  Unfortunately, no photos were allowed inside.  But outside we watched some of the craftsmen carving and finishing wood sculptures.  Really interesting.

83. Benoa, Bali, Day 284. Benoa, Bali, Day 285. Benoa, Bali, Day 2bali day 2-13IMG_337186. Benoa, Bali, Day 2bali day 2-15IMG_3375IMG_3368

     We had lunch at a restaurant called Bebek Joni, which was open on one side to a series of rice paddies.  The food was very good (we had duck) & really inexpensive.

87b. Benoa, Bali, Day 2_stitch94. Benoa, Bali, Day 296. Benoa, Bali, Day 2


    As usual in Bali, there were stone sculptures, even in front of the restrooms.  In the rice paddy was a very large female goddess (presumably), & the rice paddies were, as always, picturesque.

103a. Benoa, Bali, Day 2_stitch117. Benoa, Bali, Day 2100a. Benoa, Bali, Day 2_stitch95. Benoa, Bali, Day 298. Benoa, Bali, Day 2108a. Benoa, Bali, Day 2_stitch

     After lunch we went to our last stop of the day: Semar Kiming painters’ cooperative.  No photography was permitted inside the gallery, which was huge with a wide variety of paintings.  While we were in the front room talking to the manager we heard a siren & a police car appeared leading a caravan of vans.  He indicated we should move along to the next room & we thought maybe it was a visit by a foreign dignitary.  It turned out to be a HAL tour!

bali day 2-20bali day 2-19IMG_3386IMG_3389

     On our way back to the ship Gede stopped the van to view a really spectacular traffic circle sculpture of an important Hindu story that is the basis for a well known Balinese dance.

120a. Benoa, Bali, Day 2_stitch

     And so we came to the end of a two day adventure that was pretty much the top highlight of the voyage to this point.  It would have been even cooler if the following picture were real rather than fantasy (although, come to think of it, this might have resulted in chaos), but as it was everyone had a really great time.  You may think you have seen this picture earlier, but look at it closely.

bali group bonus

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  1. Konnie

    We really enjoyed Bail. Mainly the traffic. We also took a private tour with two other couple. Much nicer that way

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