Armacao dos Buzios

Thursday, February 16 found us in Armacao dos Buzios, playground of the rich and famous (or at least the rich).

01 Buzios from ship

Buzios was an obscure fishing village until 1964.  That year Brigitte Bardot visited her Brazilian boyfriend in Rio, but they could not leave his apartment without being hounded by paparazzi.  So they secretly left Rio and came to Buzios to escape attention.  They stayed only two days, but when word got out Buzios became the new hot beach destination & quickly grew into a small resort town.  As a result of her two whole days in Buzios there is a lifesize bronze statue of Bardot, called the Orla Bardot (she’s the bronze colored one in the picture).

25 Rick & Bridgitte

This is a beautiful little beach town but there really aren’t any other landmarks to see so we walked around for a few hours.  There is, of course, a beautiful beach.

05 Buzios beach & ships 11 Buzios beach

34 Buzios beach 54 Buzios beach

There is a picturesque harbor next to the beach.

06 Cactua & Buzios harbor 10 Buzios pier & houses

03 Buzios from ship 56 Buzios boats from tender

There is a restaurant for the vegetarians in the audience and it appears this town must be the home of some people’s favorite cartoon character.

16 Vegetarian restaurantg 12 Spongebob rugs in store window

There is a wonderful sand castle.  We were told that the same guy rebuilds it every day after the tide washes it away!  There were some spectacular sandcastles on Copacabana beach but our bus was moving too fast to get a photo, so we were glad we could get one here.

49 Sandcastle

We haven’t seen graffiti in a while on this blog but there were some interesting ones in Buzios.

51 Graffiti 52 Graffiti

We did come across some interesting sculpture, beyond Bardot.  The three fishermen with their nets in the bay are really sculpture, as you can see by the second picture where there are birds sitting on their heads.  There was another fisherman sitting in town mending his nets.

31 Statue of 3 fishermen 33 Fishermen statue with gulls 07 statue of fisherman

There was also a wild collection of very colorful & whimsical sculpture, many more than you see here.

35 Colorful sculpture of fish 37 Sculpture of legs

67 Sculpture of dogs 43 sculpture of juggling clown 46 sculpture of woman, in tree62 Sculpture of man with dog

The fauna here included sea birds and these unusual frogs.

29 Probably a segull 30 Seagull

45 sculpture of female frog 63 sculpture of frog

And, of course, there were a lot of beautiful flowers, on trees and in the ground.

13 Red flower tree  14 Yellow flowers

 22 Yellow flowers  36 Blue flowers 

So, that’s pretty much it for Buzios.  A nice, picturesque little beach resort community where we spent a pleasant day.

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