Fuerte Amador, Panama (2019)

Welcome to . . .6. Fuerte Amador

     The ship was anchored near the cruise port of Fuerte Amador, comprising three islands off the coast of Panama City.  We had seen the major sights of Panama City on two previous visits so we decided to tender in to Flamenco Island in Fuerte Amador and walk down the causeway to Panama City as far as the Gehry museum.  You can see our visits on previous Panama City visits to the colonial city, the ruins of the original settlement, the canal observation building and other spots here:



     The causeway that connects Fuerte Amador to the mainland was built with the rocks and dirt removed from the Culebra Cut when the Panama Canal was dug through the continental divide.  It forms a breakwater protecting the Pacific gateway to the canal from filling up with silt.  It is about three miles long.37a. Panama Canal (RX10)_stitch

     The causeway is very nicely maintained.  There is a road down the middle with pedestrian walks along side.  Benches line both sides, with alternate benches facing each way.  And there are a lot of very colorful flowers.  Not to mention the sea views along the rocky shore on both sides.

3. Fuerte Amador5. Fuerte Amador8. Fuerte Amador9. Fuerte Amador10. Fuerte Amador11. Fuerte Amador12. Fuerte Amador

     We did not go into the museum.  It’s not a typical museum with artifacts, but with exhibits explaining and promoting biodiversity.  That’s a good cause, but not really something we were anxious to see.  And in Panama they have an irritating practice of charging foreigners almost twice as much as locals for admission to places like this, so it would have cost more than $30 for both of us to enter.  Instead, we walked around their beautiful grounds, full of colorful flowers and trees, including a humongous fig tree shooting down new trunks all around.  They said these new trunks provide additional water, but also provide natural supports for spreading branches wider and wider.

16. Fuerte Amador17. Fuerte Amador24. Fuerte Amador20. Fuerte Amador26. Fuerte Amador25. Fuerte Amador34. Fuerte Amador28a. Fuerte Amador_stitch

     A nice fellow came along and took our picture in front of the museum, after Mary had taken one of Rick.  We sat down on a bench before starting back for a long look at Panama City and especially the colonial part of town.  We could see the church towers in the old town clearly from where we sat.

35aa. Fuerte Amador35ca. Fuerte Amador36a. Fuerte Amador_stitch39. Fuerte Amador40. Fuerte Amador41a. Fuerte Amador_stitch

     On the walk back we saw more flowers, including blue clematis that was being grown over large metal trellises.  We also saw a number of birds, including what looked like cormorants and a scary bird that looked like a vulture, with a bald red head.

47. Fuerte Amador49. Fuerte Amador50. Fuerte Amador58. Fuerte Amador54. Fuerte Amador60. Fuerte Amador59. Fuerte Amador61. Fuerte Amador64. Fuerte Amador65. Fuerte Amador75. Fuerte Amador73. Fuerte Amador72. Fuerte Amador

     As we neared Fuerte Amador we passed a facility of the Smithsonian Institution, homeboys (and girls) of ours from Washington, D.C.  Its main purpose is studying marine life, but it has a wildlife center open to the public called Punta Culebra.  We had a pizza at a restaurant in Fuerte Amador then caught the tender back to the ship.

78. Fuerte Amador79. Fuerte Amador80. Fuerte Amador81. Fuerte Amador

     Tonight was Panama Hat night, when HAL gives everyone a hat to wear to dinner.  Amazingly, this year’s hat fit Rick (they are usually way too small) and the hats for the women were unusually nice.  Of course the ship’s penguins were fully dressed for the occasion.

1. Fuerte Amador

     Panama City glowed white in the late afternoon light as the ship prepared to depart.  We also took a last look at Fuerte Amador in the setting sun.

83a. Fuerte Amador_stitch90a. Fuerte Amador_stitch

100a. Fuerte Amador_stitch

104. Fuerte Amador

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  1. Konnie Hawk

    you had pizza without inviting me

    January 26, 2019 at 4:14 pm

    • You would have been welcome! If I had invited you, would you have been there? I’m guessing probably not.

      January 26, 2019 at 4:41 pm

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